North Norfolk's Hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring Norfolk

Hardwood flooring provides a healthier, easy to clean flooring option, with a timeless appeal that will last for decades. At Bespoke Flooring of Holt, we supply and install hardwood flooring across Norfolk to suit a wide range of requirements and budgets.

Our certified Hardwood Wood Flooring meets the UK government’s regulations and can lead to BREEAM credits for sustainable buildings. Many of our ranges have codes displayed on the packs that confirm the origin and composition of the specific batch.

Our hardwood floors can be specified in a variety of finishes including, oiled, stained, limed, lacquered, filled, brushed, distressed, and in some cases combinations of these finishes or alternatively in its natural condition without a finish. Most hardwood flooring has a tongue and groove fixing and is manufactured with a small micro bevel along each edge.

Hardwood Floors Construction

Hardwood flooring can be constructed in a number of ways, we will be pleased to explain the benefits of each type.

Solid Wood Flooring – Where the planks are made entirely of a single solid hardwood.

Multi-Ply Flooring – Where several layers, in some cases, cross layers, are bonded together to form a strong core then topped off with a solid wood wear layer that will typically vary in depth from 3mm to 6mm based on the product chosen.

Engineered Flooring – This is similar to multiple but normally just has 3 layers (wear, core, base).

Types of Hardwood Floor Construction

Hardwood Floors Installation

Installation of hardwood floors requires proper preparation, we are highly experienced installers with a fine eye for detail and a full range of matching skirting, architrave and finishes.

Protection of the wood from moisture is important, we can advise on appropriate underlays including ones that improve the acoustic properties of hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation